(1) Task: Documentation of a helicopter simulator

03 / 2001 – 11 / 2001 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH

Complete Re-engineering of a MMI simulator and re-hosting real-time software to new platform (from SPARC to Motorola 680xx)


Tools: Tornado / VxWorks, Source Navigator, GCC, MS Office

(2) Task: Tool for displaying schematics for maintenance tasks on military equipment

09 / 2000 – 01 / 2008 ESG GmbH

Creation of Schematics from different inputs (TIFF, draft pictures, PDF, AutoCAD data) for conversion into vector graphics (WebCGM) and integration into an existing viewer; analysis of existing data for migration into new product


Tools: AutoCAD, ACCESS, OMNIS Studio, CGM Author (Corel), Python

(3) Task: re-hosting of air borne software for integration into flight simulator

11 / 2001 – 02 / 2005 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH

Complete re-engineering (software & hardware) including generation of documentation according to MIL standards; project lead for sub-system implementation


Tools: LINUX, IRIX, GCC, MS Office